About Us

Our vision is buoyed on our belief in nanoscience which is poised to change the share of things around us. We believe in things ultra small and the huge potential of their application across various industries. Backed by world class technology, we aim to provide technology oriented, research based and process driven nanotechnology solutions.

We manufacture specialty nanochemicals for a wide spectrum of industry applications. We are committed to explore novel ways, newer products and fast-forward nanotechnology for you. 

The scientists at ICTECH have created a thin film polymer that can be bonded to the surface of the substrate in atmospheric conditions via spray, dip, slot, spin or roll-to-roll coating methods. The surface of the ICTECH polymer can be engineered to be harder than the substrate itself, where environmental applications demand such hardness.

Furthermore, the molecular structure of the ICTECH coating can be 'tuned' for our customers' requirements to exhibit individual or a combination of desired characteristics from a single coating. Such as anti-smudge combined with anti-reflective for touchscreen cover glass, or anti-reflective and super hard characteristics for the environmental solar industry.