ICTECH has developed a unique family of patented nano-engineered coatings that significantly reduce the cost and environmental impact of large scale coating, whilst at the same time offering significant improvements in yield, efficiency and surface hardness.



What good is a high-resolution touchscreen if you can't see what is displayed upon it? ICTECH technology provides an elegant solution to the combined problems of fingerprints and excessive reflection on touchscreen cover glass.

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Thermal and Photovoltaic Solar efficiency is all about light. ICTECH coatings achieve breakthrough levels of available light and hardness in a cost effective easy to apply polymer.



Designed to be applied directly to the surface of silicon and glass, ICTECH anti-reflective, dielectric, and photo resist capabilities improve device effectiveness and facilitate the creation of a high performance touch sensor

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ICTECH coatings enable complex manipulation of light and heat at the surface of construction and architectural glass, in order to facilitate passive ambient temperature management of the building.